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Establish a Baseline

STEAM LINK® contends that a baseline study of the theoretical performance of the thermal process system be carried out before designs for new projects are finalised.


STEAM LINK® maintains that in order to make the right decisions about new plant selection and existing plant improvements a critical theoretical baseline should be determined. This is achieved by calculating the amount of thermal energy required to efficiently perform the process. Once the load is established the pipe circuits and valving are determined and from these figures energy losses are calculated. These energy losses are added to the process requirements; the product of these calculations then determines the boiler size and operating costs. These figures now form the basis of the theoretical performance baseline.


Consistent with the well proven management axiom, STEAM LINK® maintains that in order to measure performance, a baseline is critical.


Remove the uncertainty associated with your new project. Commission STEAM LINK® to design and implement a baseline study for the section of your new project where thermal energy, materials handling and process procedures are integrated, in order to optimise the design and plant selection for the project.


This baseline study will then be used as a performance reference point throughout the life of the plant.


The benefit of the baseline study is that Production Managers and plant operators now have a point of reference from which to manage changes in performance over time and to make adjustments when necessary to bring the plant back to specification. Our experience is that this is not happening in most of the plants we visit; we can help you to be sure that it is not happening in your plant


Energy efficient, cost effective = sustainable operation


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